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Loves trees but is it being troublesome for you to manage them? We are one stop solution to all your tree associated problems including Tree pruning, Tree removal, Stump removal, Tree cutting and Tree care.

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Welcome to Irving tree service company. Our arborists are proud to serve all the customers with utmost satisfaction. Our company is offering its best in all the genres of tree servicing. We are specialized in providing various services like Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Tree Cutting and Tree Care Services. All the services are undertaken by our professional experts who are equipped with knowledge in their fields. Other than that our experts provide timely advice about different techniques of tree servicing. We proudly serve our city and all our neighbours in Irving, including Highland Park, Dallas, Hurst, University Park, Grapevine etc.


Irving tree service company is well known in the city for providing excellent service in low budget. The services include the following:


Tree Pruning

It is the most common procedure of maintaining trees. First, the tree pruners understand the biology of a tree. All the forest trees grow naturally but landscape trees require a high level of maintenance. Some of the primary reasons for pruning is to remove dead branches, improve the condition and reduce the risk of damage. Our expert arborists make sure no branch is cut without reason.


Tree Removing

It is important to remove the dead and decaying trees to ensure healthy growth of other trees. Our company is one of the best tree removal companies which makes sure all the steps are performed with care and using the right equipment. Irving tree service company provides cheap tree removal. Since this process might include various other processes, therefore, the cost of tree removal cannot be determined alone.


Stump Removal

After removing the tree, the stump covers a lot of unnecessary space. It’s better to remove it and utilize the vacant space. If you are in Texas and looking for a stump removal company near you, this is your best stop. The age and size of the tree indicated the difficulty level of the process. Our expert uses a stump grinder to do the job with utmost perfection.


Tree cutting

Trees need a lot of maintenance when spring and summer season comes around. The owners need maintenance on their trees to ensure proper growth and prevent damage. Tree cutting services are highly technical. One mistake can result in causing serious problems. Our company provides the best tree cutting services under the supervision of experienced professionals. Without the right trained and experienced professionals, your tree might be left in bad shape.


Tree Care Service

Trees are a precious asset of your home. Our company cares about landscapes and green spaces in your home. Proper care of your trees is like an investment that might lead to sustainable returns. Our company provides unparalleled and affordable tree care service directed by certified arborists. Roadside trees are prone to the toxin and lead to so many fungal and other infections. Proper care of our environment is as important that taking care of yourself.

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Trees are an invaluable gift of nature for us. It makes our surroundings look beautiful and adds value to the house. But it’s essential to make sure that your trees are in good condition. It helps you to maintain safety, add aesthetics as well as keep the tree healthy. While trimming depends on the number of factors like kind of tree, particular season and stages of growth. The best option is to seek advice from our certified arborists. It’s the best way you can keep everything in the right place.

Tree removal is a highly technical process that involves a lot of risks. Before estimating the cost a tree doctor needs to see the tree in real. So, a professional tree service provides a free estimate. The estimated cost of small trees that don’t require much technical rigging cost $150 to $450. Medium trees need rigging down the branches. The estimated cost of removing medium trees is $450 to $950 Larger trees need heavy rigging and deep stump grinding. This might cost $950 to $1750.

After the tree is cut down, some work remains unfinished. There is a stump that needs to be removed. This process is a completely different story. An average cost of removing a stump is $60 to $350 per stump. Though the cost depends on many factors. The professionals remove the stumps based on factors like age of the stump, diameter, number of stumps, land clearing etc. The cost of clearing stamp clearing per width is $2-$3 per inch. On the basis of a number of the stump, $100 to $150 is charged the first stump and between $30 and $50 for each additional stump.

Pruning is a process of maintaining trees. The cost of tree pruning depends on the size of the tree. For a small tree which is 1 to 1.5 stories high, the average cost will be $250 to $350. If the tree is smaller than one story, you do not need an arborist, a gardener will do. For a medium-length tree, more work will need to be done. Cutting lower branches of the canopy will be less expensive than thinning it. So the cost will be $350 to $550. The large trees are generally in an odd shape. Maintaining it will cost around $600 – $1000.

Over-pruning generally don’t kill the tree but the damage can be extensive. It reduces the foliage, which helps the plants in preparing the food and increase the chances of pests and diseases to enter the tree. Trees may germinate extensively due to loss of canopy. It makes the plant weak that they lose their capability to adjust according to the weather condition. It’s always suggested calling a tree doctor and don not kill your tree unintentionally.