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Stump removal is a common method for stump removal with the help of tree doctors.
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Have you ever hit your toes with a stump while walking around on the ground? It really hurts.
Basically once the tree is removed, the remaining roots are still grounded on the lawn which
hampers the beauty of the ground and takes a lot of unnecessary space. Stump removal is a
common method for stump removal with the help of tree doctors.


Stumps are often an afterthought of removing a tree. The focus should be on the part of the tree that is above ground, but the roots below ground need to be removed as well. Here are a few reasons for removing the stump from the earth:

Stumps leads to new growth

You will think that the stump is dead but with the time you will notice little sprouts coming out around the stump. These sprouts abandon the growth of other plants around it.

Stumps are hazardous

You will unknowingly trip over the stump while simply walking on the ground. Most often, children are more affected by it.

Attracts insect

The decaying tree generally takes a lot of time to rot away completely. The stump attracts beetles, termites, ants and other wood-boring pests which will lead to several diseases.

Take up unnecessary space

The portion covered by the stump cannot be used. The stumps that are exposed above takes even more space.

Hampers the beauty

Aesthetically speaking, stumps are evil of beauty. They are not at all appealing.

How does the stump removing service work?

There are so many ways of removing a stump. The process is very mechanical, which
should always be performed by trained professionals. The arborists remove a stump with the
help of power stump grinder.
Some specialist uses a can of tree stump remover. These are chemical products
manufactured using powdered potassium nitrate, which speeds up the rotting process. They
simply pour the granules into drilled holes and fill the gaps with water. The stump will
become pretty spongy after four to six weeks. It is recommended to keep the kids and pets
away from the stump after the process completes. Then you can break out the rotten wood
with an axe.
In the mechanical procedure, the arborists use the following equipment:
● 12 inch bit extension equipment
● Corded drill
● Extension cord
● Safety glasses


Tree pruning cost

There are numerous factors that help to determine the cost of pruning. The factors involve
the diameter of the stump, age, type of soil, root system, the health of stump, the total
number of stump etc. For a single stump, the process takes around two hours. The average
cost for stump removal is around $200 to $300. The price varies according to the
involvement of the factors. The exact cost can only be determined by seeing the stump in
person. Therefore the tree doctors provide the customers with an average estimate.