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Pruning is done to remove the damaged branches so that the trees allow new growth.
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Tree pruning is the most common procedure for maintaining the tree. It helps the tree to grow strong and look effective. Pruning is done to remove the damaged branches so that the trees allow new growth. It can provide a distinctive shape to the tree. It is a very crucial process that may damage the tree properly, if not done with care. Therefore we should always consult the best tree pruning service provider in the city. Arborists are experts in trees. You really cannot go with anyone else for medium to large size trees. They are highly skilled and have specialized training and equipment to get your job done safely.

Keeping everything in good shape enhances the beauty of the subject. Similarly, landscaping showcases the overall look of your home and increases its value. A poorly managed garden can hamper the beauty of your home. So you should take tree pruning services for the following reasons:


Tree pruning is basically like a haircut for your tree. It grooms the tree and enhances its shape. Under the process, the dead limbs are removed which helps the trees to grow better.

Treat diseases

Just like any other human being, trees are also contracted by diseases. Pruning can prevent the disease from spreading. It's like a medication for trees.

Helps in growth

Pruning helps in the growth and strengthening of the trees. The shrubs and tree in our yard will be able to withstand the toughest climate after it is pruned well.

Remove hazardous branches

This is by far the most imperative reason for pruning. The dead branches fall easily during rainy and windy days which is hazardous to life and property.

How does the tree pruning service work?

Pruning is an essential process. If it's not done properly, it can damage the tree completely. That's why it is recommended contacting the best tree pruning service provider in your city. The experts take the following steps to do the job:
1. Analyze the purpose of pruning – Before starting the process, you need to figure out the purpose for which you want to prune. The reason for pruning will also decide the time to undertake the process. For example, pruning in the winter will result in an explosion of growth during the spring. Pruning during the summer will slow the growth of the cut branch.
2. Assess the tree – Look at the tree and draw a rough sketch of how you want it to look after pruning. Avoid cutting the major branches that form the skeleton of the tree.
3. Remove the dead branches – The branches are removed that are decayed or damaged by storm or wind. It makes sure that the water and nutrients reach the necessary place. The nutrients taken by the dead branches will be redistributed to other branches and help then grow properly.
4. Thin the thick areas – A proper circulation of air in the tree is very important. The experts first remove the branches that cross each other so that the air and light reach to every part of the tree. Its also eliminates the branches that grow inwards. This results in clutter and damages the tree.
5. Prune branches to provide shape – High branches may disturb the path of wires, and low branches may block the walkway. It's better to prune these annoying branches and provides an excellent aesthetical shape by cutting the excessive branch growth.

Tree pruning cost.

The cost of pruning depends on the size and condition of the tree. The cost of tree pruning ranges from $70 – $1,500 depending on various factors. For a small tree of 1 to 1.5 stories high, the cost will be between $250 to $350. For a medium-sized tree of 2 to 2.5 stories height, the cost will be between $350 – $550. For large size tree of height 3 to 5 stories, it will cost $600 to $1000. Since the condition of the tree will be assessed by looking at the tree in person. So they provide an estimate that helps the customer to get a rough idea about the cost.