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Most of the people know very less about their trees and a proper way of taking care of them.
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Have you ever wondered that while we always say out loud the phrase "Save tree, Save life", there also exists a service called Tree Removal? Most of the people know very less about their trees and a proper way of taking care of them. You only think about it when the tree is on the verge of death. Sometimes removing a tree is necessary for health, aesthetics, safety, and liability of your property. Tree removal is one of the most important steps of taking care of your trees. It is, in fact, the most requested services in Irving, Texas. It is a highly technical job, which requires experienced and trained professionals.

A lot of time a tree becomes so matey that you cannot imagine the space without them. Trees add aesthetics, provides shade and makes the environment better. If we look at the bigger picture, time tree removal becomes essential. Here are a few reasons why we should remove some trees for the betterment of many:

The dead and dying limbs of the tree can be dangerous to people and property.

The root of trees grow and become gigantic after some time. It can lift up the solid concrete and cause damage to the foundation of the house.

Trees impede the view of a landscape because the branches are loaded with leaves that block the view and also the sunlight.

Trees might look enormous from outside but it can be weak inside. In rainy and windy days the branches may fall and cause life-threatening problems.

How does the tree removal service work?

After determining that the tree should be removed an arborist perform the following steps:

1. Cleaning the area– When you are planning to remove a tree, there must be an ample room to lay down the tree after cutting it.

2. Examine the direction – You will have to estimate the height of the tree and clear a space for it accordingly. The tree needs to be laid down after it is cut. It will determine the right direction of the fall.

3. Pick up an escape route – Sometimes the tree may get out of control so you will have to figure out a scape to escape and run out in other direction. It is the best safety option.

4. Gather the right equipment – The requirement of equipment depends on various factors like size, thickness and position of the tree. Some professional uses equipment like cabling and bracing to provide a tree with structural support.

5. Start the Undercut and Backup – The tree doctors advise cutting in a 45-degree angle in V-shape in the bottom and then persuade the fall. After that make a cut on the opposite side as well.

6. Moving away – Right after cutting the tree, walk away and alert others around you about the falling tree. Arborists remove the branches very easily after the tree has fallen on the ground. They cut the log into several pieces for transporting it away from the site.


Tree removal cost.

The cost of removing the dress depends on many factors like location, height, diameter and species. If the tree is predilected towards the house or tangles with power lines, it will require a certified arborist to do the job. The height of the tree is a significant factor, longer the tree, more will be the work. The diameter of the tree will decide the duration of the job. Lastly, the species will decide the toughness of the wood. Sturdier wood will take more efforts than ordinary woods. Considering all the variables, the average cost of tree removal will be $400 to $2,000. The price may differ depending upon the factors, that is why it is suggested to contact the best tree service providers that can provide an estimate.